How to get books for free!

There’s nothing better than a good book, but they can be a little pricey. Well fear not! We have found a few places to get those great reads for free.

Apps & Downloads

There are actually quite a few free ebook apps. A couple of examples are;
My Books – Unlimited Library on the Apple Store
Free Books – Read & Listen on Google Play

Don’t forget Amazon Prime & Prime reading – you can get a free trial and then read for free.

For a site with completely free book downloads see Project Gutenburg.

Paperbacks & Hardcovers

There’s something about a physical book though and luckily there are sites whihc specialize in these.

At BookMooch & PaperBack Swap you can trade your books with others.

If you are looking to buy discounted books don’t forget to check out our entertainment section with offers from bookshops.