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35% Off All Subscription eHarmony Coupon Code
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“There’s always a better way to do things. And in 1997, after 35 years practicing as a clinical psychologist and counseling thousands of married couples, eHarmony CEO and founder Dr. Neil Clark Warren had come to believe there was a better way to find love than letting luck determine your fate. From his history and experience with clinical work, Dr. Warren noted that while some marriages were ending in divorce others were deeply satisfying and loving marriages. Moreover, the most fruitful marriages involved highly compatible people while the marriages that ended involved people with core differences that were too difficult to resolve over time.

So he made this sharp observation: If people were based on compatibility, there’d be more fulfilling relationships in the world. Being matched based on key areas of personality meant singles were sitting pretty with a really, really good hand of cards at the table. After three years of research and development, Dr. Warren concluded that certain characteristics can predict compatibility and lead to more satisfying relationships. And the rest is history.”.

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