Brands Helping Out During Coronavirus Crisis

14/04/2020 Entertainment

During this terrible time, there are many stores across the globe who are helping out and joining the fight against COVID-19. There are many ways of helping and here are just a few.

Face Masks

Brands such as Christian Siriano, Gucci and Saint Laurent have announced that they will be producing protective face masks for medical workers.

Apple have plans to design and produce face shields.

In fact there is a large number of companies who are turning to manufacturing face masks including Chanel, Zara & H&M, Neiman Marcus & Nike.


Anheuser-Busch said, “We have a long history of supporting our communities and employees – this time is no different. That’s why we are using our supply and logistics network to begin producing and distributing bottles of hand sanitizer to accommodate the growing needs across the United States.”

Diageo will help with hand sanitizer for healthcare workers and has pledged to donate required alcohol to make more than eight million 250ml bottles.

Estee Lauder have opened up their New York facility to produce hand sanitizer.

Apostrophe will manufacture hand-sanitizer and donating profits to the WHO COVID-19 Response Fund.

In fact there is a surprising number of companies who are turning to manufacturing hand sanitizer including L’Oreal, LVMH who own Sephora and Dior, Bulgari and Ikea.

Medical Scrubs and Patient Gowns

Gap Inc will be producing face masks, hospital gowns, and medical scrubs for healthcare workers and patients.

Canada Goose will also be changing production lines to make scrubs.

Burberry will be looking to supply the UK NHS with masks and gowns.

There is a vast number of companies who are turning to manufacturing scrubs and gowns including Carhartt, Prada & Ralph Lauren.

There are far more brands globally that are helping out too in many different ways including community projects and charitable donations.